Beautiful Timelapse: Night Sky at the Shore

by Nancy Atkinson on September 13, 2013

Need a little inspiration to go out and do some stargazing this weekend? Look no further than this gorgeous timelapse by Jack Fusco. There are awesome views of both sea and sky, the Milky Way, star trails, awesome cloud scenes and funky, directionally-challenged moving lights in the sky.

I’ve been working on a timelapse of the night sky over the New Jersey coastline,” Jack told us via email. “New Jersey definitely isn’t the best location for stargazing, but I think given the circumstances, many people will be surprised. I hope it inspires people to set some time aside to stargaze where they live even if they previously thought it wasn’t worth trying.”

Jack said he’s been working on this one for 10 months, and it’s definitely worth the hard work he’s put in.

Jack also gives a shout out to those affected by Hurricane Sandy last year. “A special thank you to all of those who have worked so hard to restore the homes of those lost during Sandy,” he writes on Vimeo. “Thank you to every volunteer that has spent time bringing the beauty back to our boardwalks and our beaches. The last year has been filled with heartbreak and devastation with much work still being done.”

Check out more of Jack’s work on his website and Facebook.

Home At The Shore from Jack Fusco on Vimeo.

Stars swirl over the Batsto Mansion in New Jersey. Credit and copyright: Jack Fusco.

Stars swirl over the Batsto Mansion in New Jersey. Credit and copyright: Jack Fusco.


Nancy Atkinson is Universe Today's Senior Editor. She also works with Astronomy Cast, and is a NASA/JPL Solar System Ambassador.

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