Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer (WISE)

Too Big, Too Soon. Monster Black Hole Seen Shortly After the Big Bang

An international team of astronomers, using multiple observatories, have found the youngest and most distant quasar to date.

5 years ago

NASA’s NEOWISE Missions Spots New Comets

NASA's NEOWISE mission has been responsible for many interesting finds, the latest of which are two possible comets that could…

6 years ago

The Next Generation of Exploration: The NEOCam Mission

In February of 2014, NASA put out the call for submissions for the thirteenth mission of their Discovery Program. In…

7 years ago

Here’s How You Can Help With Searching Out Planet Nurseries Beyond The Solar System

With a big universe around us, where the heck do you point your telescope when looking for planets? Bigger observatories…

8 years ago

Astronomers Stress the Need for Characterizing the Population of Nearby Potential Earth-Impactors

The meteor explosion over Russia in February 2013 raised concerns that even small asteroid impactors may wreak some havoc given…

9 years ago

WISE Spacecraft Re-Activated to Hunt for Potentially Hazardous Asteroids

A hibernating spacecraft has been called back into service. The WISE (Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer”) spacecraft that has been sleeping…

9 years ago

How A New Family Tree of Space Rocks Could Better Protect Earth

In perhaps the neatest astronomical application of geneology yet, astronomers found 28 "hidden" families of asteroids that could eventually show…

10 years ago

Eye-Like Helix Nebula Turns Blue in New Image

A combined image of the Helix Nebula from the Spitzer Space Telescope,the Galaxy Evolution Explorer (GALEX) and the Wide-field Infrared…

10 years ago

Zoom Into the Entire Infrared Sky from WISE

[/caption] Love all the great things you can see in infrared? Then zoom on into the big view of the…

11 years ago

Clusters of Stars Crackle and Pop to Tell the Story of Star Formation

[/caption] Astronomers trying to understand the formation of massive clusters of stars are getting a better idea of how the…

11 years ago