Virtual Telescope Project

Want to Know What James Webb Looks Like in Powerful Earth Telescopes? Prepare to be Underwhelmed

The Virtual Telescope Project recently provided images of the James Webb Space Telescope in the night sky.

4 months ago

Watch Asteroid 2016 VA Pass Through Earth’s Shadow

Holy low-flying space rocks, Batman. Newly discovered asteroid 2016 VA snuck up on us last night, and crossed through the…

6 years ago

Newly Discovered Asteroid Has a Close Encounter with Earth

As NASA prepares to send a spacecraft to a distant asteroid, another space rock made a surprise visit to Earth’s…

6 years ago

Celebrate the Start of Global Astronomy Month with an Online Messier Marathon

It's the challenge for many a backyard observer: the Messier Marathon! And as we told you last week, with the…

8 years ago

Live Online Event: The Exploding Universe: the Realm of Supernovae

Supernovae are some of the fascinating objects in the Universe. The Virtual Telescope Project will be hosting a live webcast…

9 years ago

Join in an Online Messier Marathon

Have you ever done a Messier Marathon? Want to try it online from the comfort of your own home? Astrophysicist…

9 years ago