Gamma ray Telescopes Might be Able to Detect the Gravitational Waves Caused by Merging Supermassive Black Holes

Gamma rays could be the new source for observing gravitational waves, according to a recent release from the Max Planck…

8 months ago

New Gravitational Waves Detected From Four More Black Hole Mergers. Total Detections up to 11 Now

The LIGO and Virgo collaborations recently announced the detection of four more gravitational wave events, bringing the total to eleven.

4 years ago

Astronomers Set the Limit for Just How Massive Neutron Stars Can Be

Based on recent gravitational wave research, a team of scientists from the University of Frankfurt have placed an upper limit…

5 years ago

Scientist Find Treasure Trove of Giant Black Hole Pairs

In two new studies by international teams of astrophysicists, a wealth of merging black hole pairs have been discovered, which…

5 years ago

Do Gravitational Waves Permanently Alter the Nature of Spacetime?

A new study by a team of researchers from Monash University argues that gravitational waves may permanently alter the fabric…

6 years ago

Monster Black Holes Lurk at the Edge of Time

The reddish object in this infrared image is ULASJ1234+0907, located about 11 billion light-years from Earth. The red color comes…

10 years ago