Very-long Baseline Interferometry

Are We Entering the Era of Quantum Telescopes?

In a recent study, a team of researchers showed how combining interferometry with quantum principles could lead to quantum telescopes.

1 year ago

One of Our Best Views of the Supermassive Black Hole at the Heart of the Milky Way

An almost unimaginably enormous black hole is situated at the heart of the Milky Way. It's called a Supermassive Black…

5 years ago

Radio Telescopes Resolve Pleiades Distance Debate

Fall will soon be at our doorstep. But before the leaves change colors and the smell of pumpkin fills our…

10 years ago

Geodesy Is Alive And Well… And Splitting Hairs On Planet Earth

[/caption] When it comes to planet Earth, it's very important to know if we're growing or shrinking. While plate tectonics…

13 years ago