Type Ia supernovae

Supernovae Struck the Earth 3 Million and 7 Million Years Ago

A recent study examines how the Earth was hit by blasts from supernovae (plural form of supernova (SN)) that occurred…

2 months ago

Not All Type 1a Supernovae are Created Equally

New research shows that there are variations in how white dwarfs explode.

7 months ago

A New Supernova Remnant Found from an Exploding White Dwarf Star

Astronomers have spotted the remnant of a rare type of supernova explosion. It's called a Type Iax supernova, and it's…

3 years ago

We’re in the Milky Way’s Second Life. Star Formation was Shut Down for Billions of Years

According to a new study, the Milky Way Galaxy experienced two periods of star formation, with a two-billion dormancy period…

5 years ago

Uncloaking Type Ia Supernovae

Type Ia supernovae... Right now they are one of the most studied - and most mysterious - of all stellar…

12 years ago

Milky Way Harbors “Ticking Time Bombs”

[/caption] According to new research, the only thing that may be keeping elderly stars from exploding is their rapid spin.…

12 years ago