Maybe There’s No Way to Tell if Habitable Planets Orbit Proxima Centauri… Yet!

In a new study, a team of astronomers come to the conclusion that Proxima b will ever be detected making…

10 months ago

TESS Finds a Planet That Orbits Two Stars

Researchers working with data from NASA's TESS (Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite) have a found a planet that orbits two stars.…

3 years ago

Don’t Want Aliens Dropping By? Engage Laser Cloaking Device

Powerful arrays of lasers could hide our presence from the prying eyes of aliens.

6 years ago

250 Years of Planetary Detection in 60 Seconds

Early astronomers realized some of the "stars" in the sky were planets in our Solar System, and really, only then…

8 years ago

Clouds part for Transit of Venus from Princeton University

[/caption] Despite a horrendous weather forecast, the clouds parted - at least partially - just in the nick of time…

10 years ago

Thierry Legault’s Incredible Ground-Based Views of Endeavour’s Final Flight

[/caption] Award-winning French astrophotographer Thierry Legault traveled through Germany, France and Spain during Endeavour's final mission to find clear skies…

11 years ago