How Rare Are Total Solar Eclipses… Really?

As April’s ‘Great North American Eclipse’ nears, here’s a look at eclipses in time and space.

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Views of This Week’s Amazing Hybrid Solar Eclipse

Amazing views from Earth and space of this week’s rare hybrid annular total eclipse.

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Our Guide to Tuesday’s Total Lunar Eclipse

The November 8th total lunar eclipse spans the Pacific, and is the last one until 2025.

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Our Guide to the Only Total Solar Eclipse of 2021

This weekend, the shadow of the Moon graces the Earth one last time for the year.

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Amazing Views of Wednesday Morning’s Total Lunar Eclipse

The Moon turned a ruddy hue during this morning's total lunar eclipse, in one of the top astronomical events of…

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Our Guide to This Month’s Total Solar Eclipse Over South America

2020 closes out with the final eclipse of the decade, as totality crosses the southern tip of South America on…

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Our Complete Guide to the July 2019 Total Solar Eclipse

You couldn't order up a geekier celestial scene from the cosmos. Next Tuesday on July 2nd, the second of three…

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Tales From Totality: Standing in the Shadow of the Moon

They came, they saw, they battled clouds, traffic and strange charger adapters in a strange land. Yesterday, millions stood in…

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Prelude to Totality: A Final Look at the Total Solar Eclipse

It's hard to believe: we're now just one short weekend away from the big ticket astronomical event for 2017, as…

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One. More. Month: Our Guide to the Total Solar Eclipse

Get ready for the August 21st total solar eclipse, with facts, maps and more!

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