Terra Satellite

Eruption of the Raikoke Volcano, Seen From Space

The Raikoke Volcano, dormant for a very long time, has awoken from its slumber. The volcanic island is in the…

3 years ago

Satellites Watched a Huge Fireball Explode Above the Bering Sea Late Last Year

NASA's Terra satellites recently spotted a fiery meteorite in Earth's atmosphere, which exploded above the Bering Sea.

4 years ago

Cat 4 Hurricane Gonzalo Threatens Bermuda and Delays Antares Launch to Space Station

Hurricane Gonzalo, the first major Atlantic Ocean basin hurricane in three years, has strengthened to a dangerous Category 4 storm,…

8 years ago

NASA Targeting Earth Observing Satellites and ISS Sensors to Aid Missing Malaysian Airline Search

NASA has actively joined the hunt for the missing Malaysian Airline flight MH-370 that mysteriously disappeared without a trace more…

9 years ago

Weird Cloud ‘Coils’ Captured by Earth-Observing Satellite

These are some of the strangest looking clouds I've seen from the fleet of Earth-observing satellites. These coil-like or bow-wave-shaped…

10 years ago

Satellite Data Show Plant Growth is Declining on Earth

[/caption] One idea about climate change suggested that higher temperatures would boost plant growth and food production. That may have…

12 years ago