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What is the CERN Particle Accelerator?

Located beneath the border between France and Switzerland is the CERN Particle Accelerator, the largest instrument of its kind in…

4 years ago

Could You Put a Black Hole in Your Pocket?

How small do black holes get? Could you carry one around in your pocket? Does that even like a sane…

5 years ago

What’s Next for the Large Hadron Collider?

The world’s most powerful particle collider is waking up from a well-earned rest. After roughly two years of heavy maintenance,…

5 years ago

Macro View Makes Dark Matter Look Even Stranger

We know dark matter exists. We know this because without it and dark energy, our Universe would be missing 95.4%…

6 years ago

Q&A with Brian Cox, part 1: Recent Hints of the Higgs

[/caption] At two separate conferences in July, particle physicists announced some provoking news about the Higgs boson, and while the…

9 years ago

Hunt for Dark Matter Closes in at the LHC

[/caption] From an Imperial College London press release: Physicists say they are closer than ever to finding the source of…

9 years ago