stellar evolution

New Types of Hidden Stars Seen for the First Time

Astronomers performing a vast infrared variable star survey have discovered new additions to the stellar menagerie. These new types of…

6 months ago

Simulation Perfectly Matches What We See When Neutron Stars Collide

There are many mysteries in the world of astronomy and a fair number relate to the processes during the end…

7 months ago

One Side of This White Dwarf is Covered in Hydrogen While the Other Side is Helium.

Here's a new one. Astronomers have found a white dwarf star - the dead remnant from a main sequence star…

1 year ago

Celebrate a Year of JWST With This Ludicrous Image of Rho Ophiuchi

It's been a year since JWST began its operations, so the people behind the telescope released a stunning new image…

1 year ago

A Neutron Star is Unwinding a Companion Star

Astronomers have found a bizarre binary star system where a neutron star orbits with another star. Its companion used to…

1 year ago

A Planet Was Swallowed by a Red Giant, But it Survived

When our Sun runs out of hydrogen fuel in its core, it'll switch to burning helium and bloat up as…

1 year ago

Has JWST Finally Found the First Stars in the Universe?

New observations from JWST hint at pockets of new gas in the halo of more evolved galaxies, where these first-generation…

1 year ago

There's So Much Going on in This Star-Forming Nebula

Look at this beautiful image of the Lupus 3 star-forming interstellar cloud captured by the Dark Energy Camera.

1 year ago

These Stars are Already Merging, but Their Future Will Be Catastrophic

Two stars are in the process of merging, but they will become black holes before they do.

1 year ago

Astronomers Spot Three Interacting Systems with Twin Discs

Using the SPHERE instrument on the ESO's Very Large Telescope, a team of astronomers observed how interaction between disks affects…

2 years ago