standard candles

Gamma-ray Bursts can Help Astronomers Measure Vast Distances Across the Universe

Some gamma ray bursts could be used as standard candles and allow astronomers to measure Hubble's constant at greater distances…

2 months ago

Astronomy Jargon 101: Standard Candles

In this series we are exploring the weird and wonderful world of astronomy jargon! If only there was a way…

1 year ago

Gravitational waves were only recently observed, and now astronomers are already thinking of ways to use them: like accurately measuring the expansion rate of the Universe

Neutron stars scream in waves of spacetime when they die, and astronomers have outlined a plan to use their gravitational¬†…

4 years ago

The Laws Of Cosmology May Need A Re-Write

A more accurate measurement of standard candles has thrown a wrench into our standard model of cosmology.

6 years ago