Spitzer Space Telescope

Star Should Have Gone Supernova, But it Imploded Into a Black Hole Instead

While viewing a massive star in the Fireworks Galaxy that was expected to go supernova, a team of astrophysicists instead…

5 years ago

We Have More Details on the Outermost Trappist-1 Planet!

A new study by an international team of researchers has revealed information about the surface conditions on TRAPPIST-1's outermost planet.

5 years ago

Stunning View of the Crab Nebula Just Got Five Times Better

Images of the Crab Nebula are always a treat because it has such intriguing and varied structure. Also, just knowing…

5 years ago

Deepest X-ray Image Ever Made Contains Mysterious Explosion

Using data from the Chandra observatory, a team of researchers witnessed the most distant X-ray explosion ever observed, and are…

5 years ago

Strange Loner Planet Gets Astronomers’ Attention

After examining the strange object known as CFBDSIR 2149-0403, a team has determined that it is either a solitary planetary-mass…

5 years ago

Huge News, Seven Earth-Sized Worlds Orbiting a Red Dwarf, Three in the Habitable Zone

In what is the biggest announcement in exoplanet-hunting history, NASA has announced the discovery of seven rocky exoplanets around a…

5 years ago

Space Jellyfish Show Types Of Pulsar Wind Nebulas

A series of studies based on data obtained from Chandra X-ray observatory may held shed light on the mysteries of…

5 years ago

Farthest Galaxy Ever Seen Viewed By Hubble Telescope

Using Hubble, an international team of astronomers just observed the farthest galaxy ever seen in the universe, shattering the previous…

6 years ago

Why Can’t We See the Center of the Milky Way?

For millennia, human beings have stared up at the night sky and stood in awe of the Milky Way. Today,…

7 years ago

How Long Will Our Spacecraft Survive?

There are many hazards out there, eager to disrupt and dismantle the mighty machines we send out into space. How…

7 years ago