space radiation

A Human Mission to Mars Should Last a Maximum of 4 Years

According to a new study by an international team of researchers, a mission to Mars would have to be less…

3 months ago

Every Challenge Astronauts Will Face on a Flight to Mars

A team of researchers from India conducted a study that considers all the hazards of sending crews to Mars (which…

10 months ago

A New Technique to Make Lighter Radiation Shielding For Spacecraft: Rust.

A new technique for creating lighter and cheaper radiation shielding involves a secret ingredient: rust!

2 years ago

NASA Undeterred by the Threat of Space Radiation

According to a recent statement by members of NASA's Human Research Program, the threat of radiation will not stop the…

4 years ago

Human Voyages to Mars Pose Higher Cancer Risks

New measurements of the energetic space radiation environment present in interplanetary space taken by NASA’s Curiosity rover confirm what has…

9 years ago

Can Humans Live on Mars?

Image caption: Curiosity is taking the first ever radiation measurements from the surface of another planet in order to determine…

9 years ago

Solar Powered Jupiter bound JUNO lands at Kennedy Space Center for blastoff

[/caption] Juno, NASA’s next big mission bound for the outer planets, has arrived at the Kennedy Space Center to kick…

11 years ago