space radiation

A Human Mission to Mars Should Last a Maximum of 4 Years

According to a new study by an international team of researchers, a mission to Mars would have to be less…

2 years ago

Every Challenge Astronauts Will Face on a Flight to Mars

A team of researchers from India conducted a study that considers all the hazards of sending crews to Mars (which…

2 years ago

A New Technique to Make Lighter Radiation Shielding For Spacecraft: Rust.

A new technique for creating lighter and cheaper radiation shielding involves a secret ingredient: rust!

3 years ago

NASA Undeterred by the Threat of Space Radiation

According to a recent statement by members of NASA's Human Research Program, the threat of radiation will not stop the…

5 years ago

Human Voyages to Mars Pose Higher Cancer Risks

New measurements of the energetic space radiation environment present in interplanetary space taken by NASA’s Curiosity rover confirm what has…

10 years ago

Can Humans Live on Mars?

Image caption: Curiosity is taking the first ever radiation measurements from the surface of another planet in order to determine…

10 years ago

Solar Powered Jupiter bound JUNO lands at Kennedy Space Center for blastoff

[/caption] Juno, NASA’s next big mission bound for the outer planets, has arrived at the Kennedy Space Center to kick…

12 years ago