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Did You Know That a Satellite Crashes Back to Earth About Once a Week, on Average?

According to the ESA's Space Debris Office, about 100 tonnes of space debris enters our atmosphere every year on average.

2 years ago

Spacecraft Shields Will Need to be Tough. Here’s an Aluminum Bullet Shattering a Shield at 7 km/s

A team of ESA researchers recently tested a new type of shielding by firing an aluminum bullet at it and…

2 years ago

A New Kind of Propulsion System That Doesn’t Need Propellant. It Converts Electricity into Thrust and Vice Versa.

Long aluminum tethers attached to satellites could revolutionize satellite propulsion systems, and help eliminate space junk.

2 years ago

China Has a Plan to Clean Up Space Junk with Lasers

A new study by a team of Chinese researchers considers whether a space-based laser station would be a good way…

2 years ago

The Space Station is Getting a New Gadget to Detect Space Debris

The Space Debris Sensor (SDS) aboard the International Space Station is allowing scientists to characterize the orbital debris environment

2 years ago

Let’s Clean up the Space Junk with Magnetic Space Tugs

A researcher working with the ESA has proposed creating a fleet of magnetic tugs to safely and effectively remove space…

3 years ago

High-Speed Space Broadband for Everyone. SpaceX Details their Plans to Launch 1000s of Internet Satellites

At a Senate hearing, SpaceX laid out its vision to provide global access to broadband internet with a "constellation of…

3 years ago

Eye Opening Numbers On Space Debris

The latest numbers released by the ESA's Space Debris Office indicate that the cloud of orbital debris is getting worse.

3 years ago

ESA Regrets Not Buying Windshield Insurance

Thanks to astronaut Tim Peake, people here on Earth have been treated for the first time to an image of…

4 years ago

A Fiery End for Kosmos 1315 Over Hawaii

A relic of the Cold War surprised beach-goers and Hawaiian islands residents Sunday night, as Kosmos-1315 reentered the Earth’s atmosphere…

5 years ago