solar sail

NASA’s New Solar Sail Has Launched and Will Soon Deploy

Solar Sails are an enigmatic and majestic way to travel across the gulf of space. Drawing an analogy to the…

3 months ago

Mercury is the Perfect Destination for a Solar Sail

Solar sails rely upon pressure exerted by sunlight on large surfaces. Get the sail closer to the Sun and not…

4 months ago

Solar Sails Could Reach Mars in Just 26 Days

A recent study submitted to Acta Astronautica explores the potential for using aerographite solar sails for traveling to Mars and…

10 months ago

Are Chemical Rockets or Solar Sails Better to Return Resources from Asteroids?

If and when we ever get an asteroid mining industry off the ground, one of the most important decisions to…

2 years ago

A new Kind of Solar Sail Could let us Explore Difficult Places to Reach in the Solar System

Solar sailing technology has been a dream of many for decades. The simple elegance of sailing on the light waves…

2 years ago

Tiny NEA Scout Solar Sail Mission to Chase Asteroid

NEA Scout will hitch a ride to an asteroid on the Artemis 1 Moon mission.

2 years ago

LightSail 2 has Been Flying for 30 Months now, Paving the way for Future Solar Sail Missions

Even after 30 months in space, The Planetary Society’s LightSail 2 mission continues to successfully “sail on sunbeams” demonstrating solar…

3 years ago

NASA is Testing out new Composite Materials for Building Lightweight Solar Sail Supports

Space exploration is driven by technology - sometimes literally in the case of propulsion technologies.  Solar sails are one of…

3 years ago

A Small Satellite With a Solar Sail Could Catch up With an Interstellar Object

When Oumuamua, the first interstellar object ever observed passing through the Solar System, was discovered in 2017, it exhibited some…

3 years ago

LightSail 2 Has Now Been in Space for 2 Years, and Should Last Even Longer Before Re-Entering the Atmosphere

The Planetary Society's crowdfunded solar-sailing CubeSat, LightSail 2, launched on June 25th 2019, and two years later the mission is…

3 years ago