Yes, This is Actually the Shadow of Io Passing Across the Surface of Jupiter.

The JunoCam onboard NASA's Juno spacecraft continues to provide we Earthbound humans with a steady stream of stunning images of…

3 years ago

See a Flirtatious Lunar Eclipse This Friday Night

This Friday evening watch the Moon tippy-toe right up to Earth's inner shadow for a sweet penumbral eclipse.

6 years ago

DSCOVR Captures EPIC Views of the March 2016 Eclipse

On March 8, 2016 (March 9 local time) the Moon briefly blocked the light from the Sun in what was…

7 years ago

A Bloody Beautiful Supermoon Eclipse!

Like some of you, I outran the clouds just in time to catch last night's total lunar eclipse. What a beautiful…

7 years ago

How to Take Great Photos of the Lunar Eclipse

Ready for Wednesday's morning lunar eclipse?  Some people - and I envy them at times - treat an eclipse more casually.…

8 years ago

In the Shadow of the Moon: Experience a Solar Eclipse From 37 Kilometers Up

The Moon's shadow stretches over the Earth in this balloon-mounted camera view of the November 14 solar eclipse (Catalin Beldea,…

10 years ago

In the Shadow of the Moon: A Lunar View of an Eclipse

[/caption] The May 20 annular eclipse may have been an awesome sight for skywatchers across many parts of the Earth, but it…

10 years ago

Opportunity Gets a View From The Edge

[/caption] The rover Opportunity captured a view into Endeavour crater as a low Sun cast a long shadow in this…

10 years ago

The Other End of an Eclipse

[/caption] As the annular eclipse on May 20 sent skywatchers around the globe gazing upwards to see the Sun get…

10 years ago

Why Are Lunar Shadows So Dark?

[/caption] A lunar boulder catches the last edge of the setting sunlight in this image from the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter…

11 years ago