Astronomy Cast Ep. 479: Rockets pt. 1 – What Does “Single Stage To Orbit” Really Mean?

To celebrate the launch of the Falcon Heavy, we figured it was time for an all new series, this time…

4 years ago

Canada To Get Its Own Spaceport

Canada's spaceport will be built by Maritime Launch Services near Canso, Nova Scotia.

5 years ago

Falcon Heavy Vs. Saturn V

A comparison between the rocket that delivered the Apollo astronauts to the Moon, and the one that promises to deliver…

6 years ago

ESA Prepares Revolutionary Air Breathing Rocket Engine

The SABRE (Synergistic Air-Breathing Rocket Engine) being developed for the European Space Agency could be ready for test firing in…

6 years ago

SpaceX Maiden Falcon Heavy Launch May Carry Satellite In November

The long-awaited Falcon Heavy from SpaceX may make its inaugural launch in November, 2016. But what will its payload be?

6 years ago

Is Alpha Centauri The Best Place To Look For Aliens?

With all the attention Breakthrough Starshot has been getting some are wondering if Alpha Cantauri is the best place to…

6 years ago

Do We Really Need Rockets to Go to Space?

We're familiar with rockets, those controlled explosions that carry cargo and fragile humans to space. But are there some non-rocket…

7 years ago

How Long Does It Take to Get to Pluto?

It's a long way out to the dwarf planet Pluto. So, just how fast could we get there? Pluto, the…

7 years ago

Here’s a Better Use for Fighter Jets: Launching Satellites

For decades, the human race has been deploying satellites into orbit. And in all that time, the method has remained…

7 years ago

The Most Unique Rocket Launch You’ll Ever See

Have you ever heard of a girandola? I had not until we came across this video -- which is pretty…

7 years ago