Reionization of the Universe

Astronomers See the Farthest Galaxy Group Ever Found, When the Universe was Only 5% of its Current Age

Using data from multiple telescopes, an international team of astronomers has identified the most distant galaxy group to date -…

2 years ago

Too Big, Too Soon. Monster Black Hole Seen Shortly After the Big Bang

An international team of astronomers, using multiple observatories, have found the youngest and most distant quasar to date.

4 years ago

New Study Says a Fast Radio Burst Happens Every Second in the Universe

A new study by a team of researchers from the CfA argues that a Fast Radio Burst happens with every…

4 years ago

Hubble: Helium Reionization Was a Hot Time in the Ol’ Universe

[/caption] Using Hubble’s newest tool, the Cosmic Origins Spectrograph (COS), researchers have nailed down and enhanced our understanding of the…

11 years ago