Reflection Nebula

Latest Hubble Image Shows the Star-Forming Chamaeleon Cloud

Stars form inside vast collections of molecular hydrogen called molecular clouds, sometimes called stellar nurseries or star forming regions. Instabilities…

10 months ago

Colliding Gases at the Heart of the Running Man Nebula

New images of the Running Man Nebula taken by Hubble provide insight into how young stars and debris disks are…

12 months ago

This is a Classic Example of a Reflection Nebula, Where the Reflected Light From Young Hot Stars Illuminates a Protostellar Cloud of Gas and Dust

The interplay of energy and matter creates beautiful sights. Here on Earth, we enjoy rainbows, auroras, and sunsets and sunrises.…

1 year ago

Messier 78 – the NGC 2068 Reflection Nebula

Located in the Orion Constellation, roughly 13,500 light years from Earth, is the bright reflection nebula known as Messier 78.

4 years ago

Recurrent Novae, Light Echoes, and the Mystery of T Pyxidis

Some of the most violent events in our Universe were the topic of discussion this morning at the 222nd meeting of…

10 years ago

Anarchic Star Formation Found In Dust Cloud

If you think that breaking all the rules is cool, then you'll appreciate one of the latest observations submitted by…

10 years ago

Stunning New Look at Reflection Nebula Messier 78

[/caption] Here’s another “Hidden Treasure” from the European Southern Observatory, from the astrophotography competition where amateurs create images from unused…

12 years ago