red dwarf habitability

Finding Atmospheres on Red Dwarf Planets Will Take Hundreds of Hours of Webb Time

The JWST is enormously powerful. One of the reasons it was launched is to examine exoplanet atmospheres to determine their…

3 months ago

Could Earth Life Survive on a Red Dwarf Planet?

Even though exoplanet science has advanced significantly in the last decade or two, we're still in an unfortunate situation. Scientists…

3 months ago

Atmospheres in the TRAPPIST-1 System Should be Long Gone

When the TRAPPIST-1 system was discovered, astronomers were elated to find seven Earth-sized worlds, three in the star's habitable zone.…

5 months ago

GJ 367b is Another Dead World Orbiting a Red Dwarf

Red dwarf exoplanet habitability is a hot topic in space science. These small dim stars host lots of exoplanets, including…

6 months ago

Even the Calmest Red Dwarfs are Wilder than the Sun

There's something menacing about red dwarfs. Human eyes are accustomed to our benevolent yellow Sun and the warm light it…

1 year ago

Do Red Dwarfs Provide Enough Sunlight for Plants to Grow?

A new study has shown the photosynthesis can take place on planets orbiting Red Dwarfs.

1 year ago

Earth-Sized Planet Found At One of the Lightest Red Dwarfs

Astronomers have found another Earth-sized planet. It's about 31 light-years away and orbits in the habitable zone of a red…

1 year ago

Are Planets Tidally Locked to Red Dwarfs Habitable? It’s Complicated

Astronomers are keenly interested in red dwarfs and the planets that orbit them. Up to 85% of the stars in…

2 years ago

Could Life Survive on Frigid Exo-Earths? Maybe Under Ice Sheets

Our understanding of habitability relies entirely on the availability of liquid water. All life on Earth needs it, and there's…

2 years ago

Earthlike Worlds With Oceans and Continents Could be Orbiting red Dwarfs, Detectable by James Webb

"Go then, there are other worlds than these." Or so Stephen King said in his famous Dark Tower series. As…

2 years ago