radioactive decay

Understanding the Early Universe Depends on Estimating the Lifespan of Neutrons

A study of how neutrons decay could give us a better understanding of the big bang.

3 years ago

What Role do Radioactive Elements Play in a Planet’s Habitability?

According to new study by a team from UC Santa Cruz, the right amount of radioactive elements could also be…

4 years ago

What is Beta Radiation?

Beta radiation is radiation due to beta particles, which are electrons (or, sometimes, positrons); mostly, when you come across the…

14 years ago

Beta Particles

Beta particles are electrons (symbol β-), or positrons (symbol β+), emitted in beta decay (a kind of radioactivity); beta radiation…

14 years ago

What is Alpha Radiation?

Alpha radiation is another name for the alpha particles emitted in the type of radioactive decay called alpha decay. Alpha…

15 years ago