Radial Velocity Method

Sci-Fi Christmas is Ruined! Planet Vulcan Doesn’t Exist

According to a new study, the exoplanet 40 Eridani b (aka. "Vulcan") was a false positive. Bad news for Star…

1 week ago

59 New Planets Discovered in Our Neighborhood

The CARMENESE Consortium just released the first collection of data, which revealed 59 new exoplanets and doubled the number of…

1 month ago

Earth-Sized Planet Found At One of the Lightest Red Dwarfs

Astronomers have found another Earth-sized planet. It's about 31 light-years away and orbits in the habitable zone of a red…

2 months ago

An Exoplanet is Definitely Orbiting Two Stars

Remember that iconic scene in Star Wars, where a young Skywalker steps out onto the surface of Tatooine and watches…

1 year ago

A THIRD Planet Found Orbiting Nearby Proxima Centauri

Astronomers have confirmed the presence of a THIRD exoplanet in the neighboring Proxima Centauri system!

1 year ago

Two Earth-Like Worlds Found Orbiting a Red Dwarf Only 12.5 Light-Years Away

The CARMENES project has detected two more Earth-like planets that orbit a red dwarf star just 12.5 light years away

4 years ago

What is the Direct Imaging Method?

A highly effective (but very difficult) method of exoplanet detection involves capturing direct images of bodies orbiting distant stars from…

4 years ago

What is the Radial Velocity Method?

The Radial Velocity (aka. Doppler Spectroscopy) Method relies on measurements of a planet's "wobble" to determine the presence of one…

5 years ago

Super-Earth Planet Found in the Habitable Zone of a Nearby Star

A study produced by an international team of researchers, using the HARPS-N survey, has detected a potentially habitable super-Earth just…

6 years ago

Who Else Is Looking For Cool Worlds Around Proxima Centauri?

Outside of the ESO, there are others who have been hunting for exoplanets around Proxima Centauri - including Dr. Kipping…

7 years ago