Quantum Computing

Thinking About Time Travel Helps Solve Problems in Physics

An experiment at Cambridge University shows how quantum entanglements can be harnessed to change past outcomes.

9 months ago

Do Advanced Civilizations use Black Holes as Giant Quantum Computers?

A new study suggests that advanced civilizations could used black holes as massive quantum computers, a theory that has implications…

1 year ago

Scientists Send Quantum Data Through a Simulated Wormhole

For the first time, scientists have created a quantum computing experiment for studying the dynamics of wormholes — that is,…

2 years ago

What’s Going on Inside a Black Hole? The Answers Could be Written on its Surface

Both quantum computing and machine learning have been touted as the next big computer revolution for a fair while now. …

2 years ago

We Could Detect Alien Civilizations Through Their Interstellar Quantum Communication

A new study by SETI researcher Michael Hippke suggests that we look for advanced species by trying to spot signs…

3 years ago

Weekly Space Hangout – January 24, 2014: LEGO Mars Rover & the Supernova We Missed in the Star Party!

Host: Fraser Cain Special Guests: Stephen Pakbaz, designer of the LEGO Mars Rover Kit, and Ray Sanders from CosmoQuest, who…

10 years ago