Ariane 6 Fires its Engines, Simulating a Flight to Space

The ESA recently conducted a test fire of its next-generation Ariane 6 rocket, a dress rehearsal for its first test…

1 week ago

The PLATO Mission Could be the Most Successful Planet Hunter Ever

A new study estimates how many exoplanets the ESA's PLATO mission will discover during its four-year run, with encouraging results!

4 months ago

1 in 10 Red Giants are Covered in Spots, and They Rotate Surprisingly Quickly

Sunspots are common on our Sun. These darker patches are cooler than their surroundings, and they're caused by spikes in…

3 years ago

Here’s How You Can Help With Searching Out Planet Nurseries Beyond The Solar System

With a big universe around us, where the heck do you point your telescope when looking for planets? Bigger observatories…

9 years ago

Is Our Solar System Weird?

Is our Solar System normal? Or is it weird? How does the Solar System fit within the strange star systems…

9 years ago

New Planet-Hunting Telescope To Join Search For Alien Earths In 2024

How could life arise in young solar systems? We're still not sure of the answer on Earth, even for something…

10 years ago