Orion constellation

What’s Happening with Betelgeuse? Astronomers Propose a Specialized Telescope to Watch the Star Every Night

An international team of astronomers recommends creating "Betelgeuse Scope" to monitor this mysterious star find out why it has been…

2 years ago

A Mysterious Burst of Gravitational Waves Came From a Region Near Betelgeuse. But There’s Probably No Connection

Gravitational waves are caused by calamitous events in the Universe. Neutron stars that finally merge after circling each other for…

3 years ago

Messier 78 – the NGC 2068 Reflection Nebula

Located in the Orion Constellation, roughly 13,500 light years from Earth, is the bright reflection nebula known as Messier 78.

4 years ago

Messier 42 – The Orion Nebula

Located in the Orion Constellation (just below the belt), between 1,324 and 1,364 light years from Earth, is the famous…

6 years ago