Opportunity Rover

This Stunning Photo Shows the Martian Dust Storm as it was Just Getting Going

The ESA recently released stunning photos of a Martian storm front, which were acquired by the Mars Express orbiter in…

3 years ago

The Martian Dust Storm Has Covered the Entire Planet

The Martian dust storm that began a few weeks ago has grown to engulf the entire planet, and Curiosity is…

4 years ago

A Powerful Dust Storm Has Darkened the Skies Over Opportunity on Mars

A massive Martian dust storm has settled in over the Opportunity rover's location in the Perseverance Valley, which could pose…

4 years ago

Opportunity Just Saw its 5,000th Sunrise on Mars

The Opportunity rover just experienced its 5000th sunrise on Mars and is still revealing things about the Martian surface.

4 years ago

NASA’s Opportunity Rover Withstands Another Harsh Winter on Mars

Having survived its eight winter in a row, the Opportunity rover continues to operate long past its original, anticipated lifespan.

4 years ago

Sky Pointing Curiosity Captures Breathtaking Vista of Mount Sharp and Crater Rim, Climbs Vera Rubin Seeking Hydrated Martian Minerals

5 years after a heart throbbing Martian touchdown, Curiosity is climbing Vera Rubin Ridge in search of “aqueous minerals” and…

4 years ago

New Study Could Help Locate Subsurface Deposits of Water Ice on Mars

A new study by a team led by the Smithsonian Institution has cast doubt on there being subsurface ice on…

4 years ago

Opportunity Starts Historic Descent of Tantalizing Martian Gully to Find Out How Was It Carved

From the precipice of "Perseverance Valley" NASA’s teenaged Red Planet robot Opportunity has begun the historic first ever descent of…

4 years ago

See NASA’s Curiosity Rover Simultaneously from Orbit and Red Planet’s Surface Climbing Mount Sharp

You can catch a glimpse of what its like to see NASA’s Curiosity Mars rover simultaneously high overhead from orbit…

5 years ago

Opportunity Reaches ‘Perseverance Valley’ Precipice – Ancient Fluid Carved Gully on Mars

Now well into her 13th year roving the Red Planet, NASA’s astoundingly resilient Opportunity rover has arrived at the precipice…

5 years ago