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That New Kind of Aurora Called “Steve”? Turns Out, it Isn’t an Aurora at All

According to a new study by a Canadian-led team of researchers, the atmospheric phenomena known as STEVE is not an…

3 years ago

Hubble Sees Intense Auroras on Uranus

French astronomers discover the brightest auroras on Uranus ever seen, and they look ... weird.

5 years ago

What Was the Carrington Event?

In 1859, the Sun gave off the most powerful solar flare on record. A blast of radiation and particles so…

5 years ago

How Can You see the Northern Lights?

The northern lights are an amazing thing to behold, and can be seen regularly from locations spanning from Siberia and…

5 years ago

Northern Lights by Drone? You Won’t Believe Your Eyes Northern lights over Iceland filmed by Icelandic photographer Oli Haukur using a drone. Don't forget to expand the screen.…

5 years ago

Give Mom the Aurora Tonight / Mercury Transit Update

A review of last night's spectacular aurora along with a look at tonight's space weather forecast plus a recap of…

6 years ago

Watch the Aurora Shimmer and Dance in Real Time

I for one have never witnessed the northern lights in person, and like many people I experience them vicariously through…

7 years ago

What Causes the Northern Lights?

Have you ever seen the beautiful auroral displays in the high latitudes? These are the Northern and Southern Lights. But…

7 years ago

Solved: The Mystery of Earth’s Theta Aurora

The mystery of the northern lights – aurora - spans time beyond history and to cultures of both the southern…

7 years ago

Soar with the Aurora in this Breathtaking Real-time Video

"Soaring" by Ole Salomonsen We've posted many beautiful aurora photos and videos over the years here at Universe Today, but…

7 years ago