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Blue Origin’s New Shepard Flies Again, a Week Before Their Mysterious Announcement

Today's breed of billionaire space entrepreneurs likes to keep us guessing, don't they? Mr. Elon Musk is famous for announcing…

3 years ago

Blue Origin has Shown off a New Video of its New Glenn Rocket Design

Blue Origin has released a new video of its proposed New Glenn launch vehicle, which will allow the company to…

3 years ago

Jeff Bezos Says The New Shepard Will Soar Next on Sunday. Here’s How to Watch It Live.

The 8th test flight of Blue Origin's New Shepard rocket - a major step towards the development of space tourism…

4 years ago

SpaceX Just Re-Used a Rocket. Why This Changes Everything

SpaceX just flew a rocket to space for the second time. It was a fairly normal launch, but this accomplishment…

5 years ago

New Shepard Defies The Odds And Sticks Landing

Blue Origin successfully conducted an in-flight test of the New Shepard crew escape system on Wednesday. A live webcast featured…

5 years ago

Odds Are Blue Origin Launch Test Will End In Fiery Destruction: Watch Live

The last time an in-flight escape system test for a crew capsule took place was during the Apollo program, in…

5 years ago

Blue Origin Goes Big With New Glenn Rocket

Blue Origin just unveiled its newest rocket, the New Shepard, which will be able to provide launch services and send…

5 years ago

Blue Origin Will Shoot Itself In The Foot On Purpose

Blue Origin will perform its next test flight of the New Shepard rocket with a faulty parachute system on the…

6 years ago

Blue Origin Reaches Another Milestone: Reusable Rocket Launches and Lands Safely

Blue Origin reaches an historic milestone as their New Shepard rocket becomes the first successful reusable rocket.

6 years ago