new moon

What is a Waxing Moon?

Between a New Moon and a Full Moon, the Moon goes through its "waxing" phases, where its surface increases in…

6 years ago

Celestial Photobomb: Rare Occultation of Mercury by the Moon Set for Next Week

Catch a rare conjunction of Mercury with the Moon next week, and an occultation for a very privileged few.

7 years ago

Watch the Moon Occult Vesta and Aldebaran This Weekend

The Moon occults the bright star Aldebaran on the evening of April 10th for North America, and, for a lucky…

7 years ago

How to See Planet Mercury at its Best in 2014

 There’s an often told anecdote that astronomer Nicolaus Copernicus never spied Mercury. And while this tale is almost certainly apocryphal,…

9 years ago

Ultra-Thin “Young” Crescent Moon Sighted from U.S. Southwest

 Earlier this week, Universe Today challenged North American readers to spot the slender, exceptionally "young" crescent Moon on the evening…

9 years ago

See the Youngest Moon of Your Life Tonight

The new year starts out with a bang, offering the chance to spy an exceptionally thin crescent moon shortly after…

9 years ago

Conjunctions to Watch For in July

The planets are slowly returning into view this month, bashfully peeking out from behind the Sun in the dawn &…

10 years ago

Incredible Astrophoto: The Youngest Possible New Moon by Thierry Legault

It’s always striking to see a tiny sliver of the New Moon. But you’ve probably never seen a sliver this…

10 years ago

What is a Waning Moon?

Between a Full Moon and a New Moon, Earth's only satellite experiences a period of "waning", where the amount that…

14 years ago