A Cool Idea to Catch Up With an Interstellar Visitor

Poor, dim-witted humanity. We used to think we were the center of everything. That wasn't that long ago, and even…

2 years ago

LightSail 2 is Sending Home New Pictures of Earth

LightSail 2, the brainchild of The Planetary Society, has gifted us two new gorgeous images of Earth. The small spacecraft…

3 years ago

Are You Ready For The NanoSWARM?

Nanosatellites and CubeSats may change the face of space exploration.

5 years ago

How Will NASA Find Life On Other Worlds?

Minds at NASA are cooking up a new approach to finding life on other worlds.

5 years ago

Here’s Your Chance to Scream in Space

The STRaND-1 Smartphone Nanosatellite. Credit: Surry Satellite Technology The first “Alien” movie was promoted with the celebrated tagline, “In space,…

10 years ago

NASA’s Nanosail-D Released into the Winds of Space

[/caption]Despite being an idea rattling around inside the head of engineers and space enthusiasts for over 40 years, solar sails…

12 years ago