Multiverse theory

Is the Universe Fine-Tuned for Life?

In their book, two Australian astrophysicists question the idea that our Universe "fine-tuned" for life, with some interesting conclusions.

1 year ago

If There is a Multiverse, Can There be Life There Too?

In a series of new studies, an international team of researchers found that if we live in a multiverse, it…

5 years ago

Here’s Stephen Hawking’s Final Theory About the Big Bang

Stephen Hawking's final theory, which was recently published, offers an new take on the Big Bang Theory that could revolutionize…

5 years ago

Is Another Universe Sitting Too Close To Us On The Multiverse Bus?

A new survey of the CMB's Cold Spot has ruled out the possibility that this anomaly is caused by a…

6 years ago

What is the Multiverse Theory?

If you’re a fan of science fiction or fantasy then chances are, at some point, you’ve read a book, seen…

12 years ago