molecular clouds

Astronomers Find a Giant Cavity in Space, Hollowed out by an Ancient Supernova

Gaia's 3-D mapping of the galaxy has revealed a cosmic bubble, with clues about how molecular clouds and stars form.

2 months ago

This is a Simulation of the Interstellar Medium Flowing Like Smoke Throughout the Milky Way

How do stars form? We know they form from massive structures called molecular clouds, which themselves form from the Interstellar…

11 months ago

We’re Made of Starstuff. Especially From Extremely Massive Stars

A new study shows how massive young stars create the kind of organic molecules that are necessary for life. A…

1 year ago

The Corona Australis Molecular Cloud. Normally this Looks Like a Dark Blob in the Sky. But in Infrared, it Looks Like This.

The Corona Australis is a constellation in the southern hemisphere. It's name literally means "southern crown." One of its features…

1 year ago

Deep Astrophoto of LDN 673: The Place Where Stars are Born

What a stunning view of this dark region of space! This image, by astrophotographer Callum Hayton shows LDN 673, a…

7 years ago

Mapping Molecular Clouds Changes Astronomers Outlook On Starbirth

It didn’t happen overnight. By studying the properties of giant molecular clouds in the Whirlpool Galaxy for several years with…

8 years ago

The Way Cool Clouds Of The Carina Nebula

[/caption] It's beautiful.... But it's cold. By utilizing the submillimetre-wavelength of light, the 12 meter APEX telescope has imaged the…

10 years ago

Cyanoacetylene in IC 342

[/caption] Star formation is an incredible process, but also notoriously difficult to trace. The reason is that the main constituent…

11 years ago

Interstellar Scintilation

[/caption]Anyone who has looked at stars in the night sky (especially ones low on the horizon) has undoubtedly seen the…

11 years ago

WISE Mission Completes All-sky Infrared Survey

[/caption] If you take a lot of digital pictures, you're probably familiar with the frustration of keeping track of dozens…

11 years ago