There Could be Meteors Traveling at a Fraction of the Speed of Light When They Hit the Atmosphere

According to a new study by a pair of Harvard astrophysicists, it is possible that meteors traveling close to the…

4 years ago

Satellites Watched a Huge Fireball Explode Above the Bering Sea Late Last Year

NASA's Terra satellites recently spotted a fiery meteorite in Earth's atmosphere, which exploded above the Bering Sea.

5 years ago

A Meteor may have Exploded in the Air 3,700 Years Ago, Obliterating Communities Near the Dead Sea

A meteor that exploded in the air near the Dead Sea 3,700 years ago may have wiped out communities, killed…

5 years ago

Meteors Explode from the Inside When They Reach the Atmosphere

A new study from Purdue University indicates that Earth's atmosphere will break up small meteoroids, which is good news for…

6 years ago

Lunar Orbiter Takes a Meteorite Strike Right in the Camera

On October 13th, 2014, the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO) experienced something rare and unexpected. While monitoring the surface of the…

7 years ago

Comet Halley Plays Bit Part In Weekend Eta Aquarid Meteor Shower

Enjoy the wonder of seeing bits of Halley's Comet rain down as the Eta Aquariid meteors Saturday morning.

7 years ago

Start the Year With Spark: See the Quadrantid Meteor Shower

If one of your New Year's resolutions is┬áto spend more time under the stars in 2017, you'll have motivation to…

7 years ago

Why Does Siberia Get All the Cool Meteors? Children ice skating in Khakassia, Russia react to the fall of a bright fireball two nights ago on Dec.6…

7 years ago

Perseid Meteor Shower Briefly Storms, Still Has Legs

Reports coming in now from the Perseid meteor shower show a big spike in activity over Europe last night as…

8 years ago

Chinese Fireball Freaks Out Las Vegas

The fireball that appeared above Las Vegas earlier this week was apparently the result of a spent Chinese rocket falling…

8 years ago