Masten Space Systems

Masten Space is Building a Lunar Lander for NASA. Also, They Just Filed for Bankruptcy

Masten Space Systems, which was developing a lunar lander for NASA's Artemis Program, has just filed for bankruptcy!

2 years ago

How To Hit A Landing Target On Mars … Potentially, Precisely and Perfectly!

It's frustrating to make it all the way to Mars, only to land in the wrong spot. So as Masten…

11 years ago

Masten’s Xombie Tests a Mars EDL-type Trajectory

Could one of the next landings on Mars be led by a commercial company? Masten Space Systems vertical take-off and…

12 years ago

Masten’s Xombie Nails Vertical Flight Test

Masten Space Systems’ unmanned Xombie rocket recently made a successful flight test, flying from one pad to another and landing…

12 years ago

Masten Successfully Re-Ignites Rocket Engine During Test Flight

“This was by far the coolest rocket flight I’ve ever seen!” said Ian Garcia, Guidance, Navigation, and Controls Engineer for…

14 years ago