According to Simulations, the Milky Way is One in a Million

Humanity is in a back-and-forth relationship with nature. First, we thought we were at the center of everything, with the…

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What are the Different Masses of the Planets?

The planets of our Solar System differ considerably when it comes to their respective masses, even more so than their…

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Can We Now Predict When A Neutron Star Will Give Birth To A Black Hole?

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Could We Terraform a Black Hole?

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How Massive Can Black Holes Get?

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Could We Make Artificial Gravity?

It's a staple of scifi, and a requirement if we're going to travel long-term in space. Will we ever develop…

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What if a Black Hole Met an Antimatter Black Hole?

Would shooting a black hole into an antimatter black hole destroy them both? (more…)

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Astronomy Cast Ep. 370: The Kaufmann–Bucherer–Neumann Experiments

One of the most amazing implications of Einstein's relativity is the fact that the inertial mass of an object depends…

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What is the Smallest Star?

We've talked about the biggest stars, but what about the smallest stars? What's the smallest star you can see with…

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Playing Marbles With The Planets

We've all seen charts showing the relative sizes of planets and moons compared to each other, which are cool to…

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