martian soil

Want to Start a Farm on Mars? This Rover Will Find Out if it’s Possible

Travelling to Mars has its own challenges. The distance alone makes the journey something of a mission in itself. Arrive…

3 months ago

The First Crops on Mars Should be Alfalfa and Cyanobacteria. Then Comes Tastier Plants

Mark Watney can keep his potatoes. Real astronauts should grow alfalfa. (more…)

2 years ago

Now You Can Buy Fake Mars Dirt for $20/Kilogram. Obviously You’ll Want to Know if Potatoes Can Grow in it

Researchers from UCF have developed a standarized, scientific way to create Martian soil simulant, which could accelerate efforts to colonize…

6 years ago

Mars is 1000x Drier Than the Driest Places on Earth

A new study led by NASA's Ames Research Center has indicated that microorganisms are not likely to survive in Mars'…

6 years ago

Good News, Martian Colonists Can Eat All the Radishes They Want

Based on recent experiments led by a Dutch research team and MarsOne, we now know which crops can be grown…

8 years ago

What is Lunar Regolith?

When you're walking around on soft ground, do you notice how your feet leave impressions? Perhaps you've tracked some of…

9 years ago