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NASA Reignites Program for Nuclear Thermal Rockets

NASA recently announced a three-year partnership with BWXT to develop nuclear thermal rockets for future mission to Mars and beyond!

5 years ago

The Orion’s Heat Shield Gets a Scorching on Re-entry

Yes, she's a little worse for wear, isn't she? But then again, that's what atmospheric re-entry and 2200 °Celsius (4000 °Fahrenheit)…

7 years ago

NASA Celebrates Return To Work, But Shutdown’s Shadow Could Linger

After 16 days off the job, most employees at NASA returned to work today (Oct. 17). The good news came…

9 years ago

NASA’s Mighty Eagle Takes Flight; Finds Its Target

No, it's not a UFO -- it's NASA's "Mighty Eagle", a robotic prototype lander that successfully and autonomously found its…

10 years ago