Mars’ Surface Features

A Lake in a Martian Crater was Once Filled by Glacial Runoff

Using images obtained by the MRO, a team of researchers has found features on Mars that were formed billions of…

2 years ago

Rocks and Other Features at Perseverance’s Landing Site are Getting Navajo Names

In conjunction with the Navajo Nation, the Perseverance mission team is designating features in the Jezero Crater with Najavo names

2 years ago

Most of the Solar System Should be a Protected Wilderness. One-Eighth Left for Mining and Resource Exploitation

A new study by an astrophysicist and a professor of ethics takes a look at the future of humanity in…

4 years ago

Planetary Scientists Continue to Puzzle Over the Mysterious Slope Streaks on Mars. Liquid? Sand? What’s Causing Them?

New research indicates what could be causing those mysterious slope streaks on Mars, using an Earth analog.

4 years ago

New Research Says “Levitating” Sands Explain how Mars Got its Landscape

A new study by an international team of scientists has indicated how a different form of water transport called "levitation"…

5 years ago

Incoming! Meteorite Shockwaves Could Set Off Martian Dust Avalanches

[/caption] They are headed toward the surface like a speeding freight train... and running ahead of them is a shockwave.…

11 years ago