Mars sample return mission

NASA Tests its Next-Generation Mars Helicopter Blades

While NASA’s Ingenuity Mars Helicopter continues to break records for both airspeed and altitude while it explores Jezero Crater on…

2 weeks ago

Ariane 6 Fires its Engines, Simulating a Flight to Space

The ESA recently conducted a test fire of its next-generation Ariane 6 rocket, a dress rehearsal for its first test…

2 weeks ago

What’s Going on With the Mars Sample Return Mission?

Anybody with a modicum of intellectual curiosity is looking forward to the NASA/ESA Mars Sample Return Mission. NASA's Perseverance rover…

2 weeks ago

China Wants to Retrieve a Sample of Mars by 2028

In preparation for their sample-return mission to Mars (Tianwen-3), Chinese scientists have created an atmospheric model that accurately simulates Martian…

4 weeks ago

This Mess of Boulders Was Deposited by an Ancient River on Mars

NASA's Perseverance rover took its 20th sample from "Emerald Lake," an area filled by rocks that were deposited by an…

5 months ago

We Can Only Bring 30 Samples of Mars Back to Earth. How Do We Decide?

The Mars Sample Return Mission is one of the most ambitious missions ever conceived. Though the samples won't be returned…

7 months ago

Perseverance is Turning Into That Friend That's Always Picking Up Rocks

NASA's Perseverance rover just obtained its sixteenth sample, which will be retrieved by the joint NASA/ESA Sample Return Mission

8 months ago

Europe Will be Building the Transfer Arm for the Mars Sample Return Mission

Now that the Perseverance rover has dropped off ten regolith and rock sample tubes for a future sample return mission…

10 months ago

Perseverance Takes a Selfie to Show off Some of its Samples

One of the main jobs for the Perseverance Mars rover past few weeks has been collecting carefully selected samples of…

11 months ago

Perseverance Places its First Sample on the Surface of Mars. One Day This Will be in the Hands of Scientists on Earth

In the not-too-distant future, a planetary scientist will open up a tube of rocks that came from Mars. Thanks to…

12 months ago