mars atmosphere

Zhurong is Rolling on Mars

China's Zhurong rover has departed from its lander and commenced science operations, and has the pictures to prove it!

2 years ago

The Mars Helicopter Could Charge up the Atmosphere Around Itself as it Flies

Plasma globes are a common enough sight in retails stores across the rich world.  If you’ve ever seen one and…

2 years ago

Emirates Mars Mission Arrives at the Red Planet Today!

The UAE Hope mission arrives at Mars today, kickng off a two year study of the Martian atmosphere. This is…

2 years ago

When Martian Storms Really Get Going, they Create Towers of Dust 80 Kilometers High

When a huge dust storm on Mars—like the one in 2018—reaches its full power, it can turn into a globe-bestriding…

3 years ago

NASA Supercomputer Simulates the Weather on Mars

The Martian atmosphere is a lot different than Earth's. It's over 95% carbon dioxide, and contains only trace amounts of…

3 years ago

Spinning Heat Shield Concept Could Provide a Lightweight Way to Survive Atmospheric Re-entry

A team from the University of Manchester recently tested their prototype for a spinning heat shield, a lightweight, compact design…

5 years ago

Flowing Water on Mars Likely Cold and Frosty, Says New Study

A new study from Brown University has offered a possible explanation for how surface water could have flown on Mars…

5 years ago

Mars Compared to Earth

Mars is the 4th planet from Sun, and the place that holds our imagination because of the possibility that there…

7 years ago

NASA’s MAVEN Orbiter Discovers Solar Wind Stripped Away Mars Atmosphere Causing Radical Transformation

NASA’s Mars Atmosphere and Volatile Evolution (MAVEN) orbiter mission has determined that ancient Mars suffered drastic climate change and lost…

7 years ago

Warm, Flowing Water on Mars Was Episodic, Study Suggests

Though the surface of Mars is a dry, dessicated and bitterly cold place today, it is strongly believed that the planet once…

8 years ago