mars 2020

Spaceflight Stories Expected for 2020

The year 2020 is expected to be an exciting one for space exploration. Here are the top stories that are…

2 years ago

Mars 2020 Stands Up on its Wheels For The First Time

The Mars 2020 rover recently passed a milestone at NASA JPL, where it stood on its wheels and legs for…

2 years ago

NASA is Sending a Helicopter to Mars as Part of the 2020 Rover

When the Mars 2020 rover arrives on the Red Planet, it will include a Mars Helicopter - a concept that…

4 years ago

Mars Missions Need To Be Neat Freaks At Key Sites

A new study from the Finnish Meteorological Institute shows how jettisoned hardware and Martian weather could make a dangerous combination!

5 years ago

Newly Found Ancient Fossils Show Possibilities For Finding Martian Life

Fossils discovered in Greenland - which are 3.7 billion years old - are the oldest evidence of life on Earth…

5 years ago

NASA Goes With Atlas V To Launch Mars 2020 Rover

NASA has taken a major step towards the launch of its Mars 2020 rover, which included awarding a launch services…

5 years ago

Viking: Remembering Humanity’s First Successful Mission On Mars Surface

We toast the 40th anniversary of the dual Viking missions to Mars this week. Time to celebrate an achievement that…

5 years ago

We’re Finally Sending Ears to Mars

Get ready to tune in the Red Planet on your earbuds. NASA recently announced that it would include a microphone…

6 years ago

ExoMars 2018 Rover Postponed to 2020 Launch

Liftoff of the ExoMars 2018 rover mission currently under development jointly by Europe and Russia has just been postponed for…

6 years ago

Curiosity Celebrates Two Years on Mars Approaching Bedrock of Mountain Climbing Destination

2 Years on Mars! Curiosity treks to Mount Sharp, her primary science destination, in this photo mosaic view captured on…

7 years ago