mars 2020

“You Wouldn’t Believe What I Just Saw:” Ingenuity Helicopter Flies Successfully on Mars

NASA pulled off a Wright Brothers moment on Mars early today by successfully flying the tiny Ingenuity helicopter for approximately…

3 years ago

Our Complete Guide to Mars Opposition Season 2020

Grab your telescope: when it comes to astronomy, 2020 saved the best for last, with a fine opposition of the…

4 years ago

Perseverance Went Into Safe Mode Shortly After Launch, But it’s Fine

NASA's Perseverance rover experienced some hiccups shortly after launch, but is back on track and making its seven-month journey to…

4 years ago

Perseverance Has Been Put Inside its Atlas V Rocket

NASA's Perseverance rover and elements of the Mars 2020 mission were recently loaded aboard the rocket that will take it…

4 years ago

Dawn Patrol: Jupiter and Saturn at Opposition 2020

Missing the planets in the first half of 2020? That’s all about to change, as the gas giants Jupiter and…

4 years ago

Wheels and Helicopter Attached to Perseverance Rover

The Perseverance rover was recently integrated with its wheels and Mars Helicopter, as part of its final preparations before launch…

4 years ago

Spaceflight Stories Expected for 2020

The year 2020 is expected to be an exciting one for space exploration. Here are the top stories that are…

5 years ago

Mars 2020 Stands Up on its Wheels For The First Time

The Mars 2020 rover recently passed a milestone at NASA JPL, where it stood on its wheels and legs for…

5 years ago

NASA is Sending a Helicopter to Mars as Part of the 2020 Rover

When the Mars 2020 rover arrives on the Red Planet, it will include a Mars Helicopter - a concept that…

6 years ago

Mars Missions Need To Be Neat Freaks At Key Sites

A new study from the Finnish Meteorological Institute shows how jettisoned hardware and Martian weather could make a dangerous combination!

7 years ago