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Mariner 10

Satellites Watched Mercury’s Transit From Space, Confirming That Yes, the Sun Has At Least One Planet

Do you wonder how astronomers find all those exoplanets orbiting stars in distant solar systems? Mostly they use the transit…

2 months ago

Mercury Is Tectonically Active & Shrinking

Images taken by the MESSENGER spacecraft have shown features on Mercury's surface that indicate that the planet is still tectonically…

3 years ago

How Do We Terraform Mercury?

Mercury is a hot and hostile planet, but it has many things going for it that make it an attractive…

4 years ago

Mercury Spacecraft Moves To Testing Ahead Of 2016 Launch To Sun’s Closest Planet

After facing down a couple of delays due to technical difficulties, Europe's and Japan's first Mercury orbiter is entering some…

5 years ago

Mariner 10: Best Venus Image and 1st Ever Planetary Gravity Assist – 40 Years Ago Today

Exactly 40 Years ago today on Feb. 5, 1974, Mariner 10, accomplished a history making and groundbreaking feat when the…

6 years ago

Mercury’s False Moon: The Mercury/Mars Planetary Conjunction this Weekend

[/caption] The history of astronomy is littered with astronomical objects in the solar system that have fallen to the wayside.…

7 years ago