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Why the North Pole Is Really a South Pole (and Vice Versa)

If you go out hiking this weekend and somehow find yourself hopelessly lost in the wilderness, but suddenly remember you…

6 years ago

AR1654 is a Monster Sunspot. (And It’s Aiming Our Way.)

Active Region 1654 on the Sun's western limb, seen by SDO on Jan. 11 (NASA/SDO/HMI team. Diagram by J. Major.)…

7 years ago

Navy Scientists Spot New Solar Structures

[/caption] There's something new under the Sun... well, just above the Sun, actually. Scientists at the Naval Research Laboratory have…

8 years ago

How the Moon Became Magnetized

[/caption] It's been a mystery ever since the Apollo astronauts brought back samples of lunar rocks in the early 1970s.…

8 years ago