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Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter

The Impact Site of China’s Longjiang-2 Spacecraft has Been Found on the Moon

Thanks to an amateur tracker, the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter Camera team found the lunar impact site of China's Longjiang-2 satellite.

2 months ago

India’s Crashed Lander is In This Picture, Somewhere

This image of the lunar highlands is from NASA's Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter. You'd need superhuman eyesight to spot it, but…

4 months ago

There May be Thick Ice Deposits on the Moon and Mercury

According to a new analysis of LRO and MESSENGER data, the ice deposits on the Moon and Mercury could be…

6 months ago

Rock Almost Rolled Into This Crater on the Moon… Almost

The Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter recently spotted a boulder that had rolled downhill inside the Antoniadi crater, very nearly landing in…

6 months ago

See a Simulation of the Moon for Every Day in 2019

It's always easier to show someone a picture of something rather than to use 1,000 words to explain it. The…

1 year ago

The Moon Is Getting Slammed Way More Than We Thought

A new study of the current rate of meteoroid impacts on the Moon suggests that those iconic astronaut boot prints…

3 years ago

Celebrate International Observe the Moon Night on Saturday, Oct. 8 2016!

This Saturday, October 8, 2016, is International Observe the Moon Night (InOMN), an annual worldwide public event that encourages observation,…

3 years ago

GRAIL Data Points To Possible Lava Tubes On The Moon

Using data provided by NASA's GRAIL mission, researchers from Purdue University have found more evidence of buried lava tubes on…

4 years ago

NASA Receives Significant Budget Boost for Fiscal Year 2016

NASA has just received a significant boost in the agency’s current budget after both chambers of Congress passed the $1.1…

4 years ago

Earthrise Like You’ve Never Seen It Before

It’s been 47 years since Apollo 8 captured the famous Earthrise photo. Now the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter’s version is out.…

4 years ago