Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory

Shortly Before They Collided, two Black Holes Tangled Spacetime up Into Knots

An international team led from Cardiff University has confirmed that black hole binaries experience precession.

2 months ago

A Highly Eccentric Black Hole Merger Detected for the First Time

Recent research into a gravitational wave event has revealed new insights into black hole mergers, cosmic expansion, and the growth…

10 months ago

Astronomers Detected a Black Hole Merger With Very Different Mass Objects

In another first, the latest gravitational wave event to be detected came from the merger of two black holes of…

3 years ago

Dr. Avi Loeb Thinks the Government Should set its Sights on Big Ideas in Space Exploration

In honor of the 50th Anniversary of the Moon Landing, a Harvard Professor and former White House science advisor recommend…

3 years ago

LIGO Just Got a Big Upgrade, Will Begin Searching for Gravitational Waves Again on April 1st

After undergoing upgrades, the LIGO observatory will be going back online this April, with "almost daily" detections of gravitational wave…

4 years ago

Here’s Something Strange, the Afterglow From Last Year’s Kilonova is Continuing to Brighten

Contrary to what was expected, a team of astronomers has discovered that kilonova event has been brightening ever since it…

5 years ago

Astronomers Set the Limit for Just How Massive Neutron Stars Can Be

Based on recent gravitational wave research, a team of scientists from the University of Frankfurt have placed an upper limit…

5 years ago

Do Gravitational Waves Permanently Alter the Nature of Spacetime?

A new study by a team of researchers from Monash University argues that gravitational waves may permanently alter the fabric…

6 years ago

“Spotters Guide” for Detecting Black Hole Collisions

When it comes to the many mysteries of the Universe, a special category is reserved for black holes. Since they…

8 years ago