Kraken Mare

The Largest Sea On Titan Could Be Over 300 Meters Deep

The Earth’s oceans are notoriously unexplored, and stand as a monument to the difficult of exploring underwater.  But they aren’t…

3 years ago

Titan’s Lakes are Nice and Calm. The Perfect Spot for a Landing

A recent study has shown that Titan's methane lakes experience very low waves, which could make it an ideal landing…

7 years ago

Saturn’s Moon Titan

Between its methane lakes, dense atmosphere, and subterranean ocean, Saturn's largest moon (Titan) is a wonder to behold!

9 years ago

Titanic Liquid: Blinding ‘Sunglint’ Shines On Saturn’s Swampy Moon

See that yellow smudge in the image above? That's what the Sun looks like reflecting off the seas of Titan,…

10 years ago

Saturn-Circling Cassini Spacecraft Plumbs Titan’s Seas Next Week

Is the surf up yet on Titan? As the moon of Saturn moves towards northern summer, scientists are trying to…

10 years ago

Titan’s North Pole is Loaded With Lakes

A combination of exceptionally clear weather, the steady approach of northern summer, and a poleward orbital path has given Cassini…

11 years ago