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How Many Planets is TESS Going to Find?

According to a new study, the Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite is estimated to find over 4000 planets during its first…

3 years ago

A New Extrasolar Planet Has The Composition of Mercury, but 2.5 Times the Mass of Earth

A team of international astronomers recently discovered a Super Earth with a similar composition of Mercury, and is several times…

3 years ago

Try to Contain Your Surprise. James Webb is Getting Delayed to 2020

After being assessed by the Standing Review Board, NASA has announced that the launch of the James Webb Space Telescope's…

3 years ago

James Webb is Enduring its Final Stage of Testing Before it Ships off for Kourou, French Guiana

The James Webb Space Telescope just entered the final phase of integration and testing before being shipped off to French…

3 years ago

James Webb Telescope is Probably Going to be Delayed Again, and Could Exceed a Congress Spending Cap

According to a new report from the Government Accountability Office, the launch of the James Webb Space Telescope is likely…

3 years ago

Astronomers Find Another Solar System with 8 Planets. Uh, Pluto, About that Deplaneting…

A research team recently applied a Google "neural net" to Kepler data, which conformed the existence of a star system…

3 years ago

What is the Transit Method?

Of the many methods used to detect extra-solar planets, the most widely-used and effective is the Transit Photometry

3 years ago

Astronomers Find Comets Orbiting a Star 800 Light-Years Away

Thanks to the efforts of a team of professional and amateur astronomers, the first extra-solar comets have been observed.

4 years ago

This is Kind of Sad. Astronomers Find a Failed Star Orbiting a Dead Star

A study by a team of international astronomers spotted something truly rare - a failed star orbiting a star near…

4 years ago

Focusing On ‘Second-Earth’ Candidates In The Kepler Catalog

An international team of scientists recently released a study that shows which of the Kepler exoplanets candidates are most like…

5 years ago