Sorry Hollywood, it’s Going to Take a Lot More to Destroy an Asteroid

A new study from John Hopkins University has shown that blowing up asteroids might be harder than we thought.

2 years ago

Scientists Assemble Fresh Global Map of Pluto Comprising Sharpest Flyby Images

The science team leading NASA’s New Horizons mission that unveiled the true nature of Pluto’s long hidden looks during the…

5 years ago

New Horizons Snaps Amazing 3-D View of Pluto’s Mysterious ‘Bladed’ Terrain

It’s time to whip out your 3-D glasses to enjoy and scrutinize the remarkable detail of spectacular terrain revealed in…

5 years ago

Global Pluto Mosaic From New Hi Res Imagery Reveals Bewildering Diversity and Complexity

This new global mosaic view of Pluto was created from the latest high-resolution images to be downlinked from NASA’s New…

5 years ago

Last, Best Look at Pluto’s Far Side and Four Perplexing Spots: 2 Days Out from Flyby

New Horizons' last look at Pluto's Charon-facing hemisphere reveals the highest resolution view of four intriguing darks spots for decades…

5 years ago

Engineering Students Develop a Super “Space Stethoscope”

Even though astronauts receive some general medical training in preparation for a stay aboard the ISS, most of them still…

8 years ago