international space station

A Satellite With a Harpoon, Net and Drag Sail to Capture Space Junk is in Orbit and Will be Tested Soon

The RemoveDebris satellite, a spacecraft designed to remove junk from orbit, recently deployed from the ISS to begin demonstrating its…

3 years ago

Astronauts in Trouble Will be Able to Press the “Take Me Home” Button

Massachusetts-based engineering company Draper recently filed a patent for a navigation system that will be able to bring astronauts home…

4 years ago

The Space Station is Getting a New Gadget to Detect Space Debris

The Space Debris Sensor (SDS) aboard the International Space Station is allowing scientists to characterize the orbital debris environment

4 years ago

Mouse Sperm Went to Space and Produced Healthy Mice

A team of Japanese researchers were able to fertilize mice embryos and produce a healthy litter of mice using frozen…

5 years ago

Drone Captures Amazing Footage of Falcon 9 Landing

Let's just take a moment to admire how amazing it is when science fiction becomes routinely real: SpaceX CEO…

5 years ago

Weekly Space Hangout – February 10, 2017: Weekend Eclipse, Occultation and Comet 45P!

Host: Fraser Cain (@fcain) Guests: Paul M. Sutter ( / @PaulMattSutter) Morgan Rehnberg ( / @MorganRehnberg) Dave Dickinson ( /…

5 years ago

How to See the Space Station Fly in Front of the Moon

Want to see the the space station zip across the Moon or Sun? Here are step-by-step instructions how.

5 years ago

What is the International Space Station?

In orbit of Earth, at an altitude of between 330 and 435 km (205 and 270 mi), is the International…

5 years ago

What is Absolute Zero?

Absolute Zero is the coldest possible temperature, the point at which you can no longer extract any energy from a…

5 years ago

Groot & Rocket Raccoon Get Their Own Mission Patch

For the remainder of 2016, all payloads traveling to the US National Lab aboard the ISS will feature a mission…

5 years ago